Our Union

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario – Upper Canada Local is the local that represents contract elementary teachers who teach for the Upper Canada District School Board. The Board and hence our geographic area, spans over 12,000 sq. Kilometres encompassing the counties of Lanark, Leeds, Grenville, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott and Russell.

The Executives

Peter Lindsay


Claire Church


Cindy Becker


Heather Donihee


Norlynda Owen


Amy Bryan

Executive Member

Ashley Armstrong

Executive Member

Angela Lacelle

Executive Member

Garth Shook

Executive Member

Tricia MacDonell

Executive Member

Mary McLaughlin

Executive Member

Sarah-Jane Woods

Executive Member

Sylvia Van Campen

Non-voting representative of the ETFO-UCOTL


Vice-President School Responsibility

Almonte Int.
Arklan Community PS
Beckwith PS
Caldwell Street PS
Cambridge PS
Carleton Place Int.
Chimo ES
Drummond Central PS
Duncan J Schoular PS
Glen Tay PS
Kemptville PS
Laggan PS
Lombardy PS
Maple Grove PS
Merrickville PS
Montague PS
Naismith Memorial PS
Nationview PS
North Dundas Int.
North Elmsley PS
North Grenville DHS
Oxford-on-Rideau PS
Pakenham PS
Perth Int.
Pleasant Corners PS
Queen Elizabeth ES
R Tait McKenzie PS
Rideau Int.
Rideau Vista PS
Rockland Int.
Rockland PS
Russell Int.
Russell PS
South Branch ES
South Crosby PS
The Stewart PS
Winchester PS
Avonmore PS
Athens Int.
Bridgewood PS
Brockville CI Int.
Centennial ’67 PS
Central PS
Char-Lan Int.
Chesterville PS
Commonwealth PS
Cornwall Int.
Day Treatment Centre
Eamers Corners PS
Front of Yonge ES
Gananoque Int.
Glengarry Int.
Iroquois PS
Linklater PS
Long Sault PS
Lyn PS
Maxville PS
Maynard PS
Meadowview PS
Morrisburg PS
Pineview PS
Rothwell-Osnabruck PS
Seaway Int.
South Edwardsburg PS
South Grenville Int.
St. Lawrence Int.
Sweets Corners ES
Tagwi Int.
Thousand Islands ES
Thousand Islands Int.
Toniata PS
Vanier PS
Viscount Alexander PS
Wellington ES
Westminster PS
Williamstown PS